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1st Exporter of cattle from the North West of France to export to Africa and the Middle East.

Expoteur de FG 

Import heifers

With LIVESTOCK BOVIN EUROPE you import quality livestock

Are you breeders, traders, importers?

Do you want to import cattle?

We can advise you, support you in your choice and provide you with breeding animals (dairy and beef breeds) as well as animals intended for fattening or slaughter.

Exporter of farmed cattle

Nos limousins

Our location and our network of breeders throughout France allow according to your requirements and the specifications of your country

- fast supply

- a large choice of cattle (dairy heifers, fattening calves, slaughter calves, bulls)

- a range of breeds (Holstein, Montbeliarde, Charolais, Blonde d'Aquitaine, Limousin, Aubrac ...)

LIVESTOCK BOVIN EUROPE exports livestock to many countries

Our experience and knowledge of the export procedures of each country allow us to export cattle to several regions of the World such as Africa, the Middle East, Russia, Spain, the United Kingdom ...

We take care of your cattle from selection to their destination countries thanks to our mastery of logistics.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we are able to supply livestock in many countries.

Les pays où nous exportons
Le transport en camion


Le transport en bateau
Le transport en avion
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