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Seed exporter

Faced with a growing demand from our customers, we also offer straws for the insemination of your:

- sheep

- goats

- cows

Goat semen supplier

Reproduction of females is a very important step.

In a logic of profitable production, a strategic plan for genetic improvement must be defined.

It will therefore be a question of building the genetic axis to be retained so that the descendants of females retain at least the qualities of the ancestors while promoting the eradication of their shortcomings.

Depending on the needs of our customers, we offer seeds from breeding males in order to improve the genetic potential of their herds.

Whether for cattle, sheep or goats, straws can have several purposes such as:

- an improvement in production indices: produce a larger quantity of milk or milk of better quality, in particular the fat content

- an improvement in morphological indices: plumbs, udders, pelvis, muscles ...

- an improvement in functional indices: udder health in order to avoid mamites, longevity, fertility, ease of calving ...

- an improvement in summary indexes.

Cattle semen supplier

Goat semen supplier

Exporter of dairy heifers

Artificial insemination training

Sheep semen supplier

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