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Feeding Calves after Birth

Like all mammals, cow's milk production is triggered as soon as its calf is born.

In dairy farming, the milk produced is collected for human consumption.

After birth, calves drink colostrum, the first milk rich in maternal antibodies. Once in the specialized workshop, the calves are fed through automatic milk distributors or in buckets of milk.

Calves are fed a mixture of powdered milk, dairy products, fat and nutritional supplements diluted in hot water. To this feed, the breeder gradually adds cereals and other fodder during the rearing period of 4 to 5 months.

In suckler breeding, calves from suckler cows also drink maternal colostrum and then suckle their mother until weaning (5-6 months or even 8 months).

These calves represent 10% of the beef veal production per year.

Calves known as "calves under the mother" drink breast milk twice a day. The amount of breast milk (mother from a meat breed) remains lower than the needs of the little calf.

However, the breeder integrates cows of mixed breeds (with more abundant lactation) into his herd. Called "Aunts" in addition to their mother.

For the development of the digestive system of calves, hay and other fodder are offered in small quantities to all calves (from dairy cows or beef breeds).

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