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LIVESTOCK BOVIN EUROPE also exports young goats

Chevrette exporter

Our company can also offer you dairy goats and kids of Alpine or Saanen breed. These are the best breeds for dairy production since they can produce up to 1000 liters per year. Depending on their destination country, we use the most suitable transport (truck, boat or plane). Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Alpine doe supplier

La chèvre alpine


The Alpine breed has excellent dairy skills. It produces an average of 780 liters of milk per lactation, but the best ones often exceed 1000 liters in 295 days of lactation. The udder is large, well attached in front and behind, retracting well after milking. The teats, separate from the udder, are forward and substantially parallel. Rustic, it adapts perfectly to housing, pasture or mountain life. It supports temperature differences in alpine pastures and its hard claws allow it to be adapted to concrete soils of intensive farming like to pebbles from mountain paths.

Les chèvres Saanen et Alpine



First cattle exporter in the North West of France to export to Africa and the Middle East.

Saanen goat supplier

la chèvre Saanen


Saanen breed is an excellent dairy, which is why it has been particularly well exported around the world.

It gives excellent results, showing a strong adaptation to different diets, in the mountains or in the plain.

In France, animals produce up to 1000 liters of milk in 306 days. The French Saanen goat is a stocky and solid animal with a calm temperament, with very dairy qualities, which adapts very well to different farming methods, particularly intensive.

It is a large breed, since the goat measures 90 cm to 1 m at the withers for 90 to 120 kg while the goat measures 70 to 80 cm for 70 to 80 kg.

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