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First cattle exporter in the North West of France to export to Africa and the Middle East.

Sheep and sheep exporter

sheep and ewes

Our company can also offer you dairy sheep such as the Lacaune, Manech, Basco-Bearnaise breed ... or meat breed sheep such as the Ile de France, Suffolk, Charollais breed . Depending on their country of destination, we use the most suitable transport (truck, boat or plane). Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Sheep supplier Lacaune


The Alpine breed has excellent dairy skills. It produces an average of 780 liters of milk per lactation, but the best ones often exceed 1000 liters in 295 days of lactation. The udder is large, well attached in front and behind, retracting well after milking. The teats, separate from the udder, are forward and substantially parallel. Rustic, it adapts perfectly to housing, pasture or mountain life. It supports temperature differences in alpine pastures and its hard claws allow it to be adapted to concrete soils of intensive farming like to pebbles from mountain paths.


Sheep supplier Lacaune

DAIRY SHEEP like the LACAUNE breed

The Lacaune Lait breed is recognized worldwide for its dairy productivity and for the production of the famous AOC Roquefort cheese. It is the first French breed in terms of numbers.

Its head is long, thin and covered with very fine white hairs with a silvery tint.

Its profile is slightly arched and its ears are long and horizontal.

Males and females do not have horns.

Its weight varies between 65 and 75 kilos for a height at the withers of 70 to 80 cm in ewes and around 100 kg in males.

His skin is white in color. Its fleece, scarce, covers only the upper parts of the body and leaves the head and neck exposed.



The Ile de France breed is one of the best beef breeds. It combines a very good meat conformation, good prolificacy and good dairy value for suckling lambs.

It is a heavy and precocious breed, suitable for the production of meat and wool, the Ile de France allows to obtain heavy lambs, without excess of fat.

The Ile-de-France sheep is characterized by rapid growth, good prolificacy and great ability to adapt to all climates, good quality milk and wool.

The Ile-de-France head is strong and broad, white in color, always covered with wool, the nose wide and wrinkled.

The adult weight of the ewes is between 70 to 90 kg.

The adult weight of rams is 100-150 kg.

It is a fast growing breed thanks to an ADG of around 354 g

Sheep supplier Ile de France

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