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LIVESTOCK BOVIN EUROPE: French exporter of live cattle

Les races de France


Thanks to our network covering the whole

French territory, we offer cattle

of mainly breeds :

- Holstein,

- Montbeliard,

- Normand,

- Brown,

- Simmental / Fleckvieh,

- Charolais,

- Limousin,

- Aubrac,

- Blonde d'Aquitaine ...


Holstein heifers

Holstein breed is a specialized dairy breed, it displays the best milk production but also in protein matter, because the improvement of the protein level has been integrated as a selection objective in the sector.


Characteristics :

- large, very early

- average weight of calves over 40 kg

- weight of adult females from 600 to 700 kg

- a height at the sacrum of 145 cm

- rapid growth

- heifers calve easily at two years of age.

- milk production often more than 10,000 liters.

Les bovins d'élevage Prim'Holstein

Montbeliard heifers

It is the second dairy breed in France, the Montbliarde produces milk rich in proteins and has great cheese qualities. It is at the forefront of the European red magpie population (Simmental, Fleckvieh, etc.) in terms of milk production.

It is a mixed breed, it gives a quality carcass which ensures good development of young animals (veal calves, weaned calves, young cattle).


Characteristics :

- size about 1.45 meters at the withers, it is robust and elegant

- weight from 600 to 750 kg

- average production of 8570kg / year.

vache et veau.jpg

Limousin calves and cows

The limousine is a rustic French cattle breed, which is mainly dedicated to the production of meat.

It is recognized for the taste quality of its meat.

It is a breed widely used for its rapid progression thanks to its Daily Average Gain (GMQ) of at least 1.7 kg.

Characteristics :

- brown in color, lighter under the belly and around the eyes and muzzle, with light pink mucous membranes

- females 135 to 145 cm at the withers and from 650 to 950 kg

- males from 140 to 155 cm at the withers and from 1,000 to 1,400 kg

- rustic and renowned for its maternal qualities.

La race limousine

Charolais calves or cows

Charolaise is a French cattle breed dedicated mainly to the production of meat, low in fat and of good taste quality, it is renowned for its beefing qualities.

The Charolais cow has the highest milk production of the specialized meat breeds.

It is a breed widely used for its rapid progression thanks to its Daily Average Gain (GMQ) of at least 1.7 kg.

Characteristics :

- large size (135 to 150 cm for 1000 to 1650 kg for males and 135 to 150 cm for 700 to 1100 kg for females)

- of solid white color sometimes tending towards the cream

- strong growth, rustic and docile.

La race charolaise

Aubrac calves

A beef French cattle breed intended to produce meat.

It is sometimes crossed with breeds typified "meat" like Charolais to improve the conformation of the calves.

It is a breed that has a Daily Average Gain (GMQ) of 1.5 kg.


Characteristics :

- average size 1.30 meters at the withers

- weight between 500 to 800 kg

- rustic

- good maternal qualities, which allow it to easily raise his calves

- strong ability to adapt to climate variations and fodder availability

- very good heat resistance, it is suitable for dry areas.


La race Aubrac

Blond d'Aquitaine calves

The Blonde d'Aquitaine is a beef cattle breed. It is renowned for its meaty qualities, with a high proportion of meat, tender and not very fatty, compared to the total weight.

The Blonde d'Aquitaine is used for the production of grazers (5-6 months) or young cattle or heifers for slaughter.

It is a breed widely used for its rapid progression thanks to its Average Daily Gain (GMQ) of 1.9 kg.


Characteristics :

- large about 160 cm at the withers

- heavy breed from 850 to 1,350 kg for females and from 1,100 to 1,700 kg for males

- good development of its carcass thanks to the fineness of the bones and the low percentage of internal fat which limit waste during cutting.

La race blonde d'aquitaine
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