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Dairy cows: Prim'holstein, Montbeliarde and Normande

Several types of dairy cow breeds are present in French breeding. Whether in terms of yield per cow, type of milk, lifestyle or even milk quality, each breed has its own particularities.

In this article, we will look at three breeds of dairy cows: Prim’holstein, Montbeliarde and Normande cow.

The Prim'holstein breed is the quintessential dairy breed. This breed originates from the Dutch Holstein. It occupies 30% of the French herd with 80% of milk production in France. She is a large cow (1.45m tall) with a white dress with a black magpie.

The Montbeliarde breed is the result of a cross between the Fémeline and the Fribourgeoise pie-rouge. This is the second dairy cow. A breed with excellent adaptation to mountain climate and climate change. Montbeliarde is present in several Alsace Lait breeding herds.

Originally from the pastures of Normandy, the Normande cow is recognized by its white coat embellished with black or brown spots. This breed offers top quality milk equivalent to 7300 kg of milk per year. It is also appreciated for its meat qualities. The Normande cow adapts very easily to climatic conditions and is one of the most exported cattle in the world.

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