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For Quality Beef

The quality of beef is influenced by several factors such as: A hygienic factor, a nutritional

factor and a technological factor.

From the birth of the animal, the quality of the meat is determined. For example, the meat

of heifers is more tender than that of calves. The breeds of cattle (Montbéliard, Charolais,

Aubrac, Limousin, etc.) are characterized by their diversity and by specific taste qualities.

Growth promoters and animal meal are harmful to cattle and result in rotten meat.

However, quality meat recovered, among other things, by limiting the use of certain foods

and antibiotics.

The stress before slaughter of live cattle also influences the quality of the meat. After

slaughter, proper freezing / thawing of the carcass also has an impact on quality.

Cattle food has a key role as a grassy diet has positive effects on the nutritional quality of


The breeder can guarantee a good quality of beef by using, for example, natural mineral


Ultimately, it is the consumer who will judge the quality of his meat.

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